Project “Gallery” by Mushen Kieta.

Project “Gallery” by Mushen Kieta.


It’s all about art

At 3D Bean, making things artistically subtle has always been in our DNA. And we always look forward to collaborating with other creative minds to explore every potential behind our proprietary state-of-the-art 3D photography technology together.


Project “Gallery” by Mushen Kieta and 3D Bean.


“Artist + 3D Bean” Program

We invite artists around the world to join our collaboration program. And together, 3D Bean will help in every possible way to make the next amazing project become a reality:

  • Project concept brainstorming

  • Alter the original 3D models with special effects or add-ons (want a pair of wings for a 3D figurine?)

  • Various 3D printing materials (for example: want a metal or carbon fiber piece?)

  • Special discount


Project “Mini Can Around The World” by Can Ahtam


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