Gift for Pets

3D Bean_Pet_1.jpg
3D Bean_Pet_1.jpg

Gift for Pets

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  • Base price includes:

    • Private 3D portrait photography experience

    • 3D figurine for ONE pet, without optional accessory

    • Sales tax and domestic shipping

  • Choose a different quantity if more than 1 pet are in the recipient’s group.

  • Need help with the scale? Scroll down to learn more.

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( About Delivery )

  • E-Gift letter is typically sent in 24 hrs or less to the recipient’s email.

  • Physical Gift Cards are usually mailed in the same or next business day via USPS First Class Mail.

  • Tip: You can also send an E-Gift letter to yourself and print it at home


( Which Scale Should I Gift? )


Basically the larger the scale, the more details can show on the figurine.

Suggested minimum scale for pets

  • Small-size pet (25 lb or less) - scale [1:9] and up

  • Medium-size pet (26 to 60 lb) - scale [1:10] and up

  • Large-size pet (61 lb or more) - scale [1:12] and up

Learn more about scales
Scale Demos Lineup_D.jpg

Everyone has a different body size

Crafting figurines based on scales instead of a fixed height for everyone helps making our figurines look proportional as we are in real life.

It is especially helpful when a group of figurines are displayed all together like the demo photo shown above.

(Tip: Stick with a same scale for kids’ milestones over time, or a group of people.)

Business Customer?

3D Bean™ Gifts are great as promotional incentives, customer thank-yous, and rewards for a job well done.

3D Bean Gift Card for Business.jpg

3D Bean Gift for Business

( Making one for yourself instead? )