Be a part of your kid’s growth in life

Do you remember using a pencil to record your kid’s height?

Did you have a baby book to record all their first moments?

Your child’s moments go by so quickly.

Let’s help to document it in a revolutionary way.

3D photo figurine for newborns
3D photo figurine for newborns

Ready for the excitement?

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Grow with us together

We craft all milestones at a same scale of your choice. So after years when display them together, we can easily tell how much the kids have been grown up over time.

It is so much better than pencil marks on the wall.


Watch Cassi’s milestone story with 3DBean™ on the news.

As one of our very first clients since our first opening to public in 2016, Cassi’s parents have been making her a milestone figurine every year.

We are so proud to grow with all of our clients like Cassi together.


Cassi in studio at 1…2…3…4… and to be continued.


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